The seats in the churches are unnumbered, you can choose any seats you want when you arrive. We recommend arriving early before the concert starts to give you more choice.

A tailor-made festival

Build your own tailor-made festival with discounted admission. Buy tickets for 2 concerts and get a 20% discount, for 3 concerts 30% and for 4 concerts 40%.


Tickets are reserved in advance for 7 calendar days, after which time they will go back on sale. Ticket reservations are stopped one week before the concert.


  • online: in our online concert calendar
  • at the Philharmonic pre-sale: Besední Street, Brno (down the stairs from the courtyard of the Besední House). Opening hours of the pre-sale: Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00
  • at the door: tickets for all concerts can be purchased at the venue no earlier than 3/4 hour before the concert starts


Discounts on individual tickets

Reduced admission is valid for children, students, seniors, ZTP, ZTP/P (including a guide), FB subscribers and members of the Circle of Friends of the MHFB.


Terms and conditions, conditions for granting discounts

  • entitlement to the discount must be documented by a valid document entitling to the discount when purchasing the ticket or season ticket
  • selected discounts can also be applied when purchasing on-line, valid proof must be presented at the ticket check at the entrance to the hall


Ticket refund and cancellation

Ticket cancellation in the form of a refund is not possible. Tickets can be returned (no later than 5 days before the concert) in exchange for another ticket of the same or higher price. Tickets cannot be returned 4 days or less before the concert.

Tickets can be paid by cash or card. We do not accept SODEXO passes, BenefitPlus cards, or other cash alternatives. However, we can invoice tickets if you need them.