Conditions for entry to the concert

Dear listeners,
when attending the concert, we ask that you prove that you have fulfilled one of the following conditions:

1) a national vaccination certificate stating that the following time period has expired since the vaccination:
a) since the application of the first dose of the vaccination, in the case of a two-dose schedule as per the SPC, no less than 22 days but no more than 9 months, if the second dose was administered, or

  1. b) from the administration of the vaccination in the case of a single-dose schedule as per the SPC, no less than 14 days but no more than 9 months,
    2) a medical certificate stating a positive result for Covid-19, no more than 180 days old,
    3) a clinical POC antigen test with a negative result no older than 72 hours, or a PCR test no older than 7 days. For these tests, a confirmation from the testing centre in question is required.

We will not require any of the above for children less than 6 years of age, but the child’s age must be proven with their health insurance company card.
Before entering the event, we will check your ticket and one of the afore-mentioned documents.

We also ask that you wear a respirator for the duration of the event.

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